LC-001 Level Crossing Lights Control

The LC-001 level crossing control module controls flashing level crossing lights for your model railway track system. The module allows for double or single track level crossings and can detect trains running in either direction on either track. The LC-001 is designed to work with crossing lights that have Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps fitted.

Light dependent resistors fitted into the track are used as sensors to detect the passing of trains. These sensors are placed before and after the level crossing in each track.

The module comprises a single circuit card assembly that has a detection section for monitoring the track sensors, a microprocessor to provide accurate and flexible control and an output section to drive the LEDs in the crossing lights.

The module also provides the voltage required for operation of the LEDs in the crossing lights.

The level crossing lights control module requires a separate power supply of 12 - 14 V DC.

Module Operation

As a train approaches the level crossing the entry sensor detects its presence and triggers the input to the LC-001 module which then starts the crossing lights flashing.

The lights continue to flash until the train has traversed the level crossing and trips the exit sensor. The light continue to flash for a few seconds to ensure the train has cleared the crossing.

Control Options

Module Specifications

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