MD-001 Manual Points Control

The MD-001 solenoid points control module is used to maunally operate points that are fitted with solenoid actuators. It uses a simple single pole single throw (SPST) toggle switch for activation and the switch and be mounted so that its operaing lever indicates the points position.

When the switch is from one position to another the MD-001 then sends a pulse the solenoid to change the points.

The module is designed to operate one set of solenoid actuated points.

The MD-001 solenoid actuated points module supplies a precisly timed pulse to give positive and reliable actuation of the points. This protects the solenoids from burn out. Separate capacitor discharge units are not required.

The solenoid actuated points module requires a separate power supply of 12 - 14 V DC.

Module Operation

When the points need to be changed the toggle switch is moved from its current position to its opposite position. The solenoid points module then sends a pulse to the associated solenoid coil and the points change position.

There is no need to return the switch to its original position until the points need to be changed back.

Control Options

Module Specifications