MD-003 Servo Motor Control

The MD-003 servo motor drive module is used to operate servo motors to actuate points, semaphore signals level crossing gates or any other accessory that requires two position linear motion. It is controlled by single pole single throw (SPST) toggle swiches.

The servo motor drive module can indepently control two servo motors.

The MD-003 is a single circuit card assembly that encompasses a microcomputer to provide full control for two servo motors.

The MD-003 servo motor slave module provides accutate positioning and smooth operation for the driven accessories.

The stroke of the servo motor is fully adjustable to to accurately control the start and end positions and the stroke of the motors.

The servo motor drive module requires a separate power supply of 12 - 14 V DC.

Module Operation

To change an accessory status the associated toggle switch is moved from its current position to its opposite position. This sends a new posiion signal to the motor which then moves to the opposite end of its stroke.

The position of the toggle on the switch can be used to indicate the status of the connected accessory.

Control Options

Module Specifications