MD-005 Station Control

The MD-005 station control module provides semi automatic signalling at a through station on a model railway. It is designed to work with two aspect signals that are fitted with LED indicator lights.

The signal LEDs can be wired as either common anode or common cathode.

The MD-005 provides the voltage required for operation of the LEDs in the signals without the need for separate resistors.

The MD-005 comprises a single circuit board assembly that includes a microprossessor and inputs for the track sensors and a relay to provide optional track section isolation.

The track sensors are light dependent resistors that are located in the track adjacent to the signals. A push button is used to set the starter signal to green to allow the train to leave the station.

The module requires an external regulated power supply of 12 to 14 V DC.

The MD-005 module is designed to operate signals fitted with LED lamps. However, by combining it with an MD-003 servo motor drive module it can be used to operate semaphore signals, the Application Note at the following link explains how - AN12.

Module Operation

The sequence of operation of the module is as follows, refer to the Figure below.

Control Options

Module Specifications