RailCon Price List

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SD-001 Central Control Unit $24.85
SD-002 Solenoid Points Control Slave Module $19.40
SD-003 2 Aspect Signal Slave Module $7.60
SD-004 3 Aspect Signal Slave Module $15.45
SD-005 Points/Signal Slave Module $14.90
SD-006 Turntable Slave Module $12.65
SD-007 Relay Slave Module $11.20
SD-008 Slow Motion Points Slave Module $21.20
SD-009 Servo Motor Slave Module $24.60
MD-001 Manual Points Control Unit $14.50
MD-002 Auto Signal Control Unit 2 Aspect $25.70
MD-003 Servo Motor Control Unit $24.60
MD-004 Auto Signal Control Unit 3 Aspect $38.60
MD-005 Station Control Unit $35.50
R-2294 3 Aspect Signal $25.50
LC-001 Level Crossing Control $52.25
FC-001 Fast Clock Jumbo Size $240.00
FC-002 Fast Clock Standard Size $110.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST

Packing and delivery charged at cost

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