RC-2294 Three Aspect Signal

The RC-2294 signal is a hree aspect coloured light signal that can display Red, Yellow or Green colour. It is designed to be operated by the MD-004 automatic signal control module to provide simulated automatic block signalling for your model railway or with the DCC SD-004 three aspect signal slave module responding to commands from your DCC system.

The signal is fitted with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps wired as common cathode. Power for the signal is provided by the MD-004 or SD-004 module.

The signal can also operate without the MD-004. In this stand alone mode it is operated by a three position switch.

When operated as a stand alone unit it requires a separate power supply of 9 - 12 V DC.

Module Operation

When used with the MD-004 control module the signal will normally be set to green. When a train passes tghe signal the MD-004 in track sensor trips the MD-004 and the signal is ghen set to red. After a preset time the signal will turn yellow and then after a time delay the signal turns green to show the line as clear for the next train to pass.

The combination of the RC-2294 and the MD-004 provides simulated automatic block signalling.

When used with the SD-004 slave module the signal responds to commands sent from your DCC command system.

Control Options

Module Specifications

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