SD-001 Central Control Unit

The central control unit is a microcontroller based unit that is programmed to continually monitor the DCC commands transmitted from the command station via the track and to take action when an accessory command with a matching address is received.

The central control unit has an opto-isolated input for the track signals to protect the microcontroller from any high level track signals. The opto-isolation also provides protection for the command station. It also rectifies the signal to produce a positive square wave representing the data packet.

There are four outlet jacks on the central control unit circuit board. Each of these jacks connects to a slave

module which generally controls two accessories, making a total of up to eight accessories that can be controlled from a single central control unit.

The central control unit requires a power supply of 12 - 14 volts regulated and filtered direct current (V DC).

A programming switch is provided for use when setting the accessory decoder address range for the central control unit. The central control unit monitors eight accessory decoder addresses. A light emitting diode (LED) is also provided that is used to indicate the operation and modes of the central control unit.

Module Operation

The SD-001 Central Control Unit is used for decoding DCC commands and driving slave modules.

When a data packet is received that has a matching accessory address the central control unit decodes the the data contained in the packet and then carries out the command by sending an instruction to the connected slave module.

Control Options

Module Specifications

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