SD-005 Points/Signal Slave Module

The SD-005 points/signal slave module is used to operate one set of solenoid actuated points and one two aspect signal that is fitted with light emitting diodes (LED) for lamps. It connects directly to the central control unit (SD-001).

When the central control unit receives a command it decodes it and sends a data signal to the SD-005 slave unit which then changes the points or the colour of the signal depending on the command sent.

Up to four of these slave units can be connected to a central control unit.

The points/signal slave module switches one set of points and one signal in response to the data sent from the central control unit. One central control unit and four points/signal slave modules can control a total of four sets of points and four two aspect signals.

The SD-005 points/signal slave module supplies the correct voltage and current directly to the signal LEDs. No separate resistors are needed.

The points/signal slave module obtains power to drive the signal LEDs from the central control unit. In addition a separate power supply of 12-14 V DC is required for actuating the points.

The points/signal slave module uses two accessory decoder addresses one for the points and one for the signal.

Module Operation

When a command to change the position of the points or the aspect of the signal is sent from the comamnd station, the central control unit receives the command via the track bus. When a command is received the central control unit decodes the command data packet to determine the accessory address and if a match is found the central control unit sends a signal to the slave unit. The points/signal slave unit then sends a data signal to the points or the track signal and the pints or lights change to a new status depending on the commands sent to it.

If an address match is not found the command is ignored and no data signal is sent to the slave unit and the points or signal do not change.

Control Options

Module Specifications

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